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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law includes most issues concerning the family such as adoption, parental issues, custody, children’s living arrangements, visitation and child support.

So called economic family law encompasses such areas as wills, probate and general estate planning. Powers Law can help you with the following

  • drafting separation and divorce agreements,
  • drafting prenuptial and pre-divorce/separation agreements,
  • legal research regarding the law of inheritance and wills,
  • drafting deeds of gifts,
  • regulate co-ownership issues, and
  • represent you in cases regarding divorce and cohabitation separation (sambofrågor) proceedings,
  • cases involving custody issues, living arrangements and visitation.

Retaining an attorney can be costly but in some cases individuals may qualify for legal aid. Legal aid means the State pays part of your attorney fees. Legal aid is available in primarily cases concerning children such as custody etc. In some cases, individual insurance coverage may be available in your home insurance. Information about legal aid is currently only available in Swedish on the web page.

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