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Migration Law

Migration Law

Migration Law is one of our favorite legal areas here at Powers Law Firm. We accept legal aid assignments from the Migration Board. This means that we are appointed as lawyers to assist asylum seekers through the asylum process.

The Migration Board has a duty to perform proper discovery and investigation concerning an asylum seeker’s claim for protection. However, it is the asylum seeker who carries the burden of proof for his or her identity and need for protection. The state appointed lawyer’s duty is to assist you through the asylum procedure and to make sure the circumstances speaking to your advantage are brought to light. In short, it is our job to help you present your case and the reasons as to why you need to be granted protection in Sweden.

The Migration Board decides whether you are granted asylum or not. The decision depends on whether your reasons for protection are sufficient. If the Migration Board decides to deport you, we can help you appeal the decision. If necessary, we can help you appeal as far as to the Migration High Court or even to the European Court of Human Rights.

If you are granted a state appointed lawyer, the State pays the lawyer’s costs.

Powers Law Firm can also assist you with other areas of Migration Law, such as Citizenship Law.

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